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Bis in the Community 17 December 2018

Bis Regional Girls Soccer Carnival

Earlier this month, 80 young women aged 8-14 participated in the Bis Regional Girls Soccer Carnival in Whyalla.  The carnival was developed to provide local girls an opportunity to participate and compete in a sport which traditionally has had a stronger participation level from boys. 

Organiser Kirsty Arbuckle said that there is growing interest in regional South Australia for girls’ soccer and that hosting the event in Whyalla eliminated barriers for attending such as distance and cost of travel.

“There is significant room for growth in girls’ soccer in the region if we give it the attention it needs.  The carnival saw many girls playing soccer for the first time and gave more experienced girls the opportunity to play on a competitive level.”

Bis General Manager Hadyn Shepherd, praised Kirsty’s passion and foresight in organising the girls’ soccer program in Whyalla that now sees 45 young women develop skills and build confidence.

“I strongly believe that the more opportunities there are for young women to participate in typically male dominated sports, the more likely it will be for them to enter into careers in typically male dominated industries.”

The Bis Regional Girls Soccer Carnival is another example of Bis’ pride in Whyalla and the company’s commitment to forming strong partnerships within the community that target areas of real need. 

Mr Shepherd said, “Bis supported our employees, their families and the community during challenging economic conditions in the region.  Under the new ownership of GFG Alliance, the city can see a bright future with a clear vision. Bis has been Whyalla Proud for almost 60 years and we hope to continue to be a supporter of our community for many years to come.”

Each of the associations who attended the Bis Regional Girls Soccer Carnival will now send a team to the 2019 state and country championships, enabling the young women to be identified by selectors of advanced teams.