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Bis in the News 04 May 2022

Driving new ways to beat fatigue and distraction

THE AUSTRALIAN - Trucking Special Report | 4 May 2022

Driver fatigue and distraction management continues to be challenge for the trucking and logistics industries, given the long shifts and physical nature of the work. Crashes remain a significant safety issue with one third of injuries deemed “a high threat to life”.

Across Australia, studies and trials are underway to develop technologies and regulatory frameworks to improve overall road safety.

One such example is Bis’ in-cabin AI analytics system, Trifecta, which Bis introduced to the Australian haulage industry and developed with EDGE3 Technologies, and which monitors and flags high-risk behaviours in real-time. In a trial across its fleet, Bis has cut smoking, mobile-phone use and no-seatbelt rates from between five to 14 breaches per 100-person hours to less than 0.4.

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