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Our Stories 17 December 2019

Humans of Bis – Evandro

Evandro is a member of our Technical Support team and works to ensure the electrical integrity of our equipment located throughout Australia and Indonesia. 

After joining Bis in January this year, Evandro quickly came to discover that no two days are the same at Bis, which he thrives on. 

One day he may be working on commissioning a new or refurbished asset to confirm its suitability for the operation it is being deployed to; another he may be developing the scope for an off-site electrical repair, refurbishment or new building process, including new technologies to bring innovation to the fleet. Right now he is working on an electrical work scope as part of the commissioning of eight Dual Powered Road Trains (DPRT) for two sites in WA and QLD.

‘The progress of this role goes at a fast pace and continuously, as new technologies are brought up to the industry.’

‘Being part of Site Support and working with other teams under Operational Services and Sustainability Group (OSS) has given me the opportunity to interact with other departments of the business towards a common goal, as a team,’ said Evandro.

A constant in his role, which he also thoroughly enjoys, is being able to remotely assist operations across the business with electrical diagnostics, schematics, modifications, parameters calibrations and site and assets audits; amongst a myriad of other things! He can do this from anywhere, anytime, using Bis’ portfolio of bespoke software and systems. 

Whilst being is based in Brisbane, and born in Brazil, Evandro says one of the greatest highlights of working for Bis is being able to see parts of Australia he wouldn’t usually see, and travelling with colleagues who are quickly becoming like family!