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Our Stories 04 March 2020

Humans of Bis – Grantly

Did you know Bis operates quarries and wool mills in Tasmania? Tasmanian local Grantly not only plays a key site based leadership role ensuring the safe and effective operation of the Bis owned quarries business, located just outside of Launceston in Northern Tasmania, he also lends his skills to the Norske Skog wood mill contract Bis also manages in Tasmania.
A typical day for Grantly may involve liaising with potential or existing Quarry customers interested in purchasing material, being out in the field talking with Bis employees and suppliers at either the quarry or wood mill, and looking for opportunities to work more efficiently, innovatively or safely.
In this his tenth year at Bis, he reflected on why he chooses to remain at Bis, ‘I like working for Bis for many reasons, but mainly because the company values align with my personal values; especially Zero Harm. I enjoy the variety of work and different businesses we have.  I have met many people and made lots of friends working for Bis.’