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Our Stories 17 January 2023

Humans of Bis - Paul

What does it take to be a Senior Commercial Manager at Bis? For one - you have to own a mug that says I HEART SPREADSHEETS. The other is you have to be the glue between our site operational teams, management and our customers. Meet Paul Visser, Senior Commercial Manager who supports our operations in Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania and South Australia.

On a typical day he’s engaging executive management as well as speaking with multiple operational teams on site about commercial opportunities, contracts and matters impacting Bis’ operations.  Paul is also the person you ask when you need to hone your Microsoft Office skills as he’s an expert in commercially modelling solutions for the business and preparing impeccable written submissions for a customer.

Feeding his curious mind is the goal of seeking out opportunities with existing and potential customers. Driving him forward is the feeling of success when Bis is awarded a new project and when existing customers rollover or extend a contract. Knowing this is a team effort, he is thankful and stands by our team’s reputation for safety, productivity and focus on relationships.

“I have always had an inquisitive mind, I liked the large sized equipment utilised in mining and industrial services, the variety of corporate customers and the industrial sector that Bis operates. This exposure has given me a greater knowledge and appreciation of how raw materials are used or turn into end products.”

Paul is no stranger to Bis – he’s clocked up over 10 years of service over two stints which have given him a fantastic handle on our operations in the East. Warmly welcomed back by our Brisbane office in 2020, Paul couldn’t resist the opportunity to return to the team. In fact, when asked “What’s the best job you have ever had in your career?”, Paul’s response has always been Brambles Industrial Services, now Bis.

“I was in the position of having achieved my career goals and when I was asked if I would be interested in a Brisbane based Commercial Manager role, I was excited to return to Bis and being given the opportunity to assist the business again in the areas of business development and growth, provide my experience in contract management and to work again with some incredible people.”

In his spare time Paul is a keen cyclist, sailing and avid traveller. He has completed many long-range cycling events and it wouldn’t be unusual for Paul to notch up 100km on the bike over a weekend. Each year the competes in the charity event ‘Brisbane to the Bay’ and he’s been no stranger to Team Bis in the annual Maca Cancer200 Ride for Research.

Maybe he’ll join Team Bis this year for the Cancer200 Ride for Research!