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Innovation and problem solving are in our DNA

Our belief in better drives us to innovate every day for our customers, our own operations, the environment and for the communities where we operate.

We practice what we preach

As problem solvers by nature, at our core is a desire to develop proprietary value added solutions to help our customers optimise their operations but equally, we also invest heavily in developing innovations and initiatives we apply to:

  • maximise the safety and wellbeing of our people
  • improve the efficiencies of our operation
  • create enhanced social and economic opportunities for the communities around us
  • mitigate and minimise our environmental impacts

Being a genuine innovative organisation is very important to us and speaks directly to our values.

Our values

Award Winning Innovation

  • AFR Most Innovative Companies

    AFR Most Innovative Companies

    2019 Finalist - Rexx

  • Future of Mining Australia

    Future of Mining Australia

    2019 Innovation Winner - Rexx

  • Australian Mining Prospect Awards

    Australian Mining Prospect Awards

    2019 Innovative Mining Solution Finalist - Rexx

Trifecta - real time in-cabin driver monitoring

Trifecta is an intelligent in-cabin AI analytics system, developed with the world leader in driver monitoring and occupant behaviour analysis, EDGE3 Technologies, to help increase driver safety.

The system collects, analyses and reports driver behaviours such as drowsiness, mobile phone use, smartwatch use, smoking, seatbelt and other violations.

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  • Rexx

    The 160 tonne dump truck delivers lower mine development costs, superior fuel efficiency, increased range and better safety outcomes.

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  • Dual Powered Road Trains

    Designed to go the extra mile with payloads up to 500 tonnes, reduced haul cycles and vehicle movements, achieve higher productivity at a reduced cost.

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  • Trifecta

    Automate any or all of your assets within your fleet, to any level of automation, regardless of the age, make or model with Auto-mate’s open architecture model.