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If there’s material to be crushed, managed, moved or loaded, we’re the right people

We keep materials moving reliably, quickly and safely from pit, ROM and production input management to processing, transportation and ship and train loading.


Improve competitiveness 

We understand customers are under pressure to crush, process and move larger volumes of material, faster and at a lower cost. We deliver materials handling expertise every day, by providing:

Optimised operational innovations

No matter the driver - lowering raw material costs, improving process control, increasing production or environmental footprint reduction, we have the technical expertise and processes to find a solution.

Fit for purpose

We are proactive in finding the right solution to overcome each bottleneck and obstacle for customers. The depth of our materials handling expertise means we can optimise the movement of product throughout a supply chain; no matter the material.

Crushing, screening and processing

A core capability, we have demonstrable experience at mine sites across Australia. Some of the value added benefits we offer to ensure a tailored, innovative solution include:

  • workforce flexibility
  • sustainable campaigns and production rates
  • lean and agile operational models
  • compelling range of ownership options
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ROM and stockpile management

Effective stockpile and ROM management means getting the right product delivered in the right volume, at the right specification and at the right time.

Striking the right balance between stockpile management, size, turnover, fluctuations and minimising degradation is key.

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Rail and ship loading

Rail and port systems are complex and can be easily disrupted.

We’re able to adapt quickly to shifting schedules and volumes to make sure product gets to market on time.

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Product handling and management

Removing molten slag from a blast furnace is a critical job that requires specialist expertise and equipment. So is the collection, processing and on time delivery of scrap steel for the intensive steelmaking process.

We understand and we get it done, safely and quickly.

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