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A modern Australian haulage innovation pioneer

The Powertrans brand is synonymous with being a quality Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of powered haulage systems for surface and underground mining applications, including the popular Dual Powered Road Trains (DPRTs).

About Powertrans

Powertrans formed 20 years ago with a single goal to design and manufacture a range of innovative haulage systems that offer lower cost, higher-productivity alternatives to conventional large mining trucks.

It invested in in-house engineering, fabrication, assembly and field commissioning, allowing the company to quickly bring to market quality, innovative products, and then support them.

Since then, the company built a robust reputation for its design and manufacturing innovation and for producing tough, reliable products that thrive even in the most demanding conditions.

Over 200 truck and trailer combinations have been built by Powertrans, including over 100 DPRTs which service mines across Australia and internationally. The structural components of the trailers are designed to accommodate three or more major rebuilds of mechanical components.

Powertrans today

Wholly owned by Bis since 2014, Powertrans now operates as part of Bis and provides design, engineering, consulting, manufacturing and parts expertise and support to the business. 

The team forms a critical part of the innovation pipeline, and the engineering and product teams that drive it.

Our innovations

After sales service, spare parts and support

Customers can access a full range of Powertrans parts and components through Bis.  This includes parts for our own products but also for the heavy-duty haulage industry as a whole.

We supply a range of replacement parts across Australia and internationally.

Our in-house Powertrans specialists are available to any questions customers have and are a great source of operating and maintenance information. 

Additionally, as part of the commissioning process, we also offer onsite training for drivers, supervisors and mechanical staff.

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We offer competitive pricing on the following brands

  • Sisu Axles

    Sisu Axles

  • Narva


  • Hendrickson


  • AxleTech


  • Meritor


  • Hella


  • Donaldson


  • Parker


Purpose-built solutions for surface and underground mining, designed to perform in even the most demanding conditions and maintain a longer service life than comparable models. Offroad

  • Pit Hauler

    Pit Hauler

    The Pit Hauler can haul significant payloads out of pits at higher speeds than conventional mining trucks, and then for an unlimited distance to a processing, stockpile or ROM operation. It eliminates the need to have one transport system to haul out of the pit, and a second system to transport from the pit exit to a stockpile.

  • Powertrailer


    A heavy-duty, high-capacity haulage trailer equipped with an engine, cooling system, transmission and drive axle system, all controlled from the prime mover. Powertrailers provide more power, torque and traction to a truck combination, enabling significantly higher payloads and efficiency to a haulage operation.

  • Powerdolly


    A powered dolly that was engineered to accommodate special applications such as a belly dump road train. It uses the same proven technology as the Powertrailer but has been designed to suit the needs of operators using belly dumpers.

Underground hard rock haulage

Powertrans has designed and manufactured rigid, articulated and multi-combination trucks for underground hard rock haulage, ranging from 55T to 150T payloads.  Our solutions cover development, level haulage and high volume decline haulage and focus on productivity, operating efficiency and cost per tonne for our customers. 

Up to two Powertrailer units can be utilised on heavy haul or steep decline operations as an alternative to one Powertrailer and a tow trailer with dolly.

Equipped with a traverse mounted cooling system incorporating the radiator, charge air, and hydraulic cooling, the Powertrailer is controlled from the cab of the truck in unison with the truck's controls.

Underground Services

Start a conversation with one of our Powertrans representatives

We're located at 42 Dowd St Welshpool 6106 WA. To speak to someone directly phone +61 1300 854 806.
Ordering Powertrans parts is easy through Link One. (If you have not been provided with these, please contact us below).