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Environmental Social Governance

We care, in equal measure, for our people, our customers, the environment and communities in which we operate.

Creating value, responsibly

Our passion for creating sustainable solutions for customers is matched by our desire for striking an appropriate balance between innovation, productivity, profitability and sustainability. We believe it’s possible.

To us this means lessening the environmental impacts of our operations, developing and supporting our people and positively contributing to our surrounding communities, whilst delivering stable returns to our shareholders.

There is nothing more important than the health, safety and wellbeing of our people

We have an unrelenting focus on maintaining a healthy and safe working environment. Our Zero Harm goal drives us every day to challenge the status quo and seek out better ways.

Zero Harm is about influencing behaviour positively, working according to planned activity and most importantly, looking out for each other. After all, our people look after their teammates.

Our 9 Lifesaving Rules help protect our people from critical risks. We consider working at Bis a choice, but our Lifesaving Rules are not.

We back our people to uphold and communicate clear safety expectations and standards. Our leaders are supported to deliver fit for purpose systems and have access to the latest data-led solutions and technologies.

We believe minimising our impact on the environment is not simply good business; it’s the only way to do business

In caring for the environment around us, we:

  • actively seek ways to introduce new technologies and practices to minimise future impacts
  • support our leaders to drive progressive improvements in how we operate
  • challenge conventional thinking and processes to drive material change in environmental outcomes that generate value both now and into the future

Achieving greater efficiencies from our equipment is a key area of focus for us. We share the efficiencies achieved with our customers, therefore, multiplying the potential reach and impact.

Believing in a better tomorrow for all

We are a social bunch, intentionally. We get out, ask questions, involve ourselves and support the communities we operate in.

We seek out ways we can use our knowledge, people, assets and innovations to better contribute to creating enhanced social and economic opportunities wherever we can.

Our Community Framework focuses on three key areas we are particularly passionate about:

  • Education and training
  • Community development
  • Health and wellbeing

If you believe Bis can help your organisation or initiative, reach out to us.

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Our conduct

How we conduct our business speaks to who we are as a company, our shared values and our role as a responsible employer, partner and corporate citizen. 

Our social licence to operate begins and ends with our governance charter which unapologetically promotes and supports the highest standards of ethical, transparent and responsible decision making.

We aim to only work with like-minded businesses throughout the full procurement chain and rigorously hold our suppliers and providers to these same standards, including modern slavery laws and regulations.